Hi, I'm Paige

About myself

I enjoy maths as well as I enjoy tutoring it. I understand that maths isn't really for everybody yet I really hope that in my trainings I can aid you discover the content and, maybe, you could discover that mathematics could be enjoyable to examine also!

Throughout my study, my much-loved topic at A degree was mathematics (shock!), and the element I appreciated most was assisting my schoolmates. When my mates were fighting with especially difficult problems, I considered it truly pleasant to describe those factors in such a way that they might comprehend. I learnt that it's not the same for everybody; what clarified a subject for one person would certainly simply confuse another. That's something I constantly keep in mind providing my tutorials; I'll keep working until I find the means to deliver that assists you miostly.

My lessons will look really different for various students, but all the lessons be focused on promoting the student attaining their complete potential. If a trainee has a firm understanding of a subject, we'll work through examples, making sure we're prepared for the most difficult concern the inspector could ask. Whether there are gaps in understanding, I'll strive to explain and clear up those principles, moving onto practise concerns when the understanding is protected.